Saturday, September 10, 2005

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Even while you work toward a specific career goal, don�t be afraid to
re-assess your �fit� for that career as its demands and rewards
become clearer to you. The beauty of your investment in higher
education is that even if you change directions, having engaged in
advanced learning, you will be better prepared to succeed in other
ventures in which you involve or invest yourself.

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Reality Check Point
Let�s face it, even when a person charts their course after carefully
assessing what career they believe they want, life experience can
result in changes in perspective, values, and goals that alter a career

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As you've probably guessed, choosing a career is going to be as
unique as your individual personality. As you refine your list you will
also want to refer to the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational
Outlook Handbook, and consider the job prospects and expected
pay for your chosen field.

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You may also enjoy a good constructive argument and it just so
happens you�re competitive on the speech and debate team. Then a
career in law may be just your thing.